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A guide to doing gothic makeup at home

A guide to doing gothic makeup at home
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Are you searching for DIY methods to do gothic makeup at home? Goth makeup is more than just dark colors and a pale complexion. It's a means of accepting the darker aspects of beauty, expressing yourself, and developing your creativity. Whether you're a seasoned goth or just dipping your toes into the genre for the first time, Gothic King will walk you through everything you need to know to create a killer goth look at home. 

In this blog, you will learn about every aspect of goth makeup which can be performed at home by various methods. Let’s first start with how to select essential makeup products.

Choosing Gothic Makeup

To start with, the essential thing to do is to collect the right products. The following are the items that should be included in our packing list:


A shade of 1-2 tones lighter than our natural skin tone is perfect for that traditional goth look. Pick a full or cream liquid base for a perfect finish. If we are trying to achieve a more classic gothic look, we can go to the light side and thus get a ghostly appearance.

Eye shadow

The eye shadows that are black and dark brown are the basic elements of any gothic makeup kit. But, do not be scared to try out jewel tones like plum, emerald, or ruby to give the appearance of depth and to make our outfit more unique. Neon shades and trendy colors like yellow or green can also be used for a cyber goth look.


Black eyeliner is essential for making eyes more prominent and creating a dramatic effect. Even if you are a beginner at using eyeliner, you should begin with the black pencil for easier application. If you like a bolder look or have to draw precise lines, a liquid liner will be your best tool.


The black mascara is a necessity to make our lashes stand out and create a dramatic look on our eyes. Select a formula that is good for lengthening short lashes or for a more voluminous look for a fuller appearance. We can choose to try differently colored mascaras like blue or red for a cyber or pastel goth vibe.


Black and dark red lipsticks are the famous choices by the goth people. Yet, the goth world is full of different colors, purple, maroon, and bright red are all possible colors. That we can use to create the look that we are looking for. We should think about the color of our eye shadow when picking the shade of our lipstick. Either contrasting or complementary colors can be a unique touch.

Creating the Look

Now that you have the gothic makeup collection, let us go on with the work! Thus, the following is a detailed procedure for our ideal style:

Prep Your Skin

Exfoliate and Moisturize: Begin with a flat, smooth groundwork. Pick the oil-free moisturizer for oily skin and the SPF moisturizer if you want to keep your pale face while at the same time protecting your skin.

Prime for Perfection

Use a primer on your face to form a smooth base and thus, your make-up will last throughout the day. Pick a matte primer if you want a traditional goth look, or a hydrating primer if you wish for a modern, dewy effect.

Foundation and Setting

Let’s look at how to apply foundation and setting to get the perfect look as per Gothic King:

Flawless Foundation

With the use of a gothic makeup sponge, we can apply our foundation in a smooth and even manner, resulting in a perfect, flawless look. Concentrate on the regions that are usually marked with red and carry out the blending process away from the center to prevent the appearance of streaks. Apply concealer to any pimples and blend it well.

Set the Stage

Lay the groundwork with a white face powder that helps us maintain our fair complexion and give it a soft, matte look. Spread a light layer of powder to prevent the face from looking cakey.

Eyeshadow Magic

Here is how eyeshadow can make the magic happen:

Smoky Eye Effect

Apply a light cream shadow on the eyelid, then blend a dark eyeshadow on top of it. Sweep a fluffy brush into the color and blend it right into our crease for a smooth, smoky look. Shade the shadow with a layer for a stronger effect.

Goth Variations

Gothic King can delve into various eyeshadow techniques that will give us the goth style we want. Here are a few ideas:

Trad Goth

Apply the white shadow on the whole of our lid and the black shadow right on the crease.

Romantic Goth

Combine with red shadows on the inner third of the lid and then add the burgundy on top. Shade the inner corner with black.

Cyber Goth

Begin with a bright neon base and merge a black shade into our crease. The options include creating a smokey eye or applying red eyeshadow under the eye.

Gothic Jewelry: The Ultimate Final Touch

The gothic makeup is a key element of goth style, however, do not forget our gothic jewelry which can be your last piece to finish your gothic look. Take the following assertion pieces:

Black Chokers

The black choker, the quintessential classic gothic piece, is now available in different styles, from plain velvet ribbons to lace chokers with gothic pendants or spikes.

Gothic Necklace

The cross gothic necklace is a gothic accessory which is a sign of the goth style, it can be found in many designs or even can be inverted.

Cameo Pendants

Coming up with pendants that have dark images like skulls or ravens you can make it a little more Victorian gothic elegant.

Statement Earrings

From dangly spider web gothic earrings to chunky bat-shaped studs, statement earrings are available in a wide range of goth-inspired designs that help to express your unique style.

Chunky Bracelets and Cuffs

This is how you can give your outfit a hint of edge with the use of chunky bracelets and cuffs that have leather, spikes, or chains in them.

Wrapping Up

The gothic jewellery and goth makeup are meant for expressing ourselves with Gothic King. Don't be scared to try out different colors, techniques, and accessories, to create a look that is especially yours. We will be able to express ourselves the way we want to with just a little practice and the help of this guide and in a very short time we'll achieve the goth makeup look you have always wanted!
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